Ecological Rehabilitation

WAJ contributed to social and ecological harmony through awareness raising, networking and capacity building. WAJ envisions itself as self-sustaining process oriented institution for just and balanced society at local and regional level at large.

The ever increasing human and livestock population has resulted in increased pressure on the existing natural resources, coupled with traditional & crude methods the natural resources has been threatened resulting in their depletion and degradation which can result into desertification if issues not addressed in proper scientific manner. All the sectors that is agriculture, forests, livestock, are not working at the optimum level and their productivity is far below the desired standard. Lack of education, awareness, access/control and traditional orientation has resulted in further deterioration of the resources and environment. Keeping in mind the above realities it is felt that there is an ardent need for development of social, economic, natural, physical and human assets of the area so as to bring socio-economic uplift of the area and to protect and develop the fragile ecosystem of these mountainous areas.

With overall goal of conservation of natural resources and contribution to solving global environmental problems, WAJ launched various activities to achieve:

  • A shift/change in development policies for harmonious development at local level
  • Institutional development through support from and to other organizations
  • Exploration and demonstration of use of alternatives for effective conservation of natural resources
  • Investigate and document indigenous knowledge and demonstrate its integration with conservation programs as model for replication

WAJ was registered under Social welfare act 1961 as non-government organization. It a WAJ is a development entity playing an important role in development of deprived and disadvantaged segments of society, particularly in its rural areas of district Mansehra. WAJ believes in sustainable development through providing support, training NR promotion and access to economic and social development opportunities.