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National Voter Day - December 7, 2023

12 - July - 2023

On Thursday, December 7, 2023, a National Voters Day Seminar/Session took place at the District Election Commissioner's Office in Mansehra. The session was presided over by Ishaq Khan Marwat (DEC) Mansehra, with the primary objective of discussing the importance of voting and advocacy. The day aimed to raise awareness among the general public and was attended by esteemed representatives from the Higher Education department, civil society members, and activists, all recognized as key stakeholders in the electoral process.The main topics of discussion included civic and voter education. The DEC succinctly highlighted the significance of voter education and elaborated on the importance of voting. The DEC emphasized a focus on empowering young voters, recognizing them as the future of democracy. Officials from the Higher Education department, including the DEO male, stressed the importance of increasing women's voter registration and encouraging their active participation in the electoral process.Civil society representative Mr. Umar Javed (WAJ) emphasized the proximity of upcoming elections and urged people, especially women and youth, to register and exercise their right to vote. WAJ announced plans to sign an MOU with the District Election Commission and Higher Education (Hazara University) for organizing voter education and advocacy seminars involving students and political party workers.Female participants from civil society urged the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to simplify the polling process for women. They suggested positive measures to address issues faced by female voters at polling stations, such as lack of access, cultural barriers, and norms. Emphasizing the importance of the vote as a basic right and responsibility, they pledged to conduct door-to-door campaigns to raise awareness.Main Findings and Recommendations:1. Conduct seminars on voter education in various institutes (both government and private).2. Organize awareness sessions for the general public in different localities of District Mansehra.3. Conduct seminars and workshops to promote and encourage female voter participation.4. Conduct capacity-building/training events for political party workers.

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