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Seminar on International Anti-Corruption Day 09 December, 2023

12 - December - 2023

Welfare Association Jared (WAJ), in collaboration with Transparency International Pakistan (TIP), marked the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day in district Abbottabad through a seminar. The event brought together various stakeholders, including Government Line Agencies (GLAs), WASA Abbottabad, representatives from Public Health, Education, water management, social welfare, local government officials, members of the media, civil society activists, both men and women, youth, President District Bar Association Abbottabad, lawyers, and representatives from RTI and RTS. During the seminar, the Executive Director of WAJ r. Mukhtar Javed delivered a keynote speech, shedding light on the global efforts made by UN member countries to establish the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) in 2003. Emphasis was placed on the significant role played by civil society organizations, particularly Transparency International, in addressing corruption issues since the 1990s. The Executive Director also discussed the causes and effects of corruption in Pakistan and shared a message from Ghada Vally, the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), commemorating the 20th year of World Anti-Corruption Day. Various speakers, including the President of the District Bar Association Abbottabad, representatives from Public Health, WASA, Education, health, social welfare, SRSP regional head, law fraternity, civil society organizations (CSOs), elected local government representatives, women, men, and youth activists, as well as print and electronic media representatives, covered topics such as Understanding the National Landscape of Corruption, Engaging the Community in Anti-Corruption Initiatives, How to Combat Anti-Corruption, and Strategies for Effective Anti-Corruption Measures. After the informative speeches, the forum was opened for suggestions from participants. A resolution put forth by social activist Inayat Rehman, proposing the inclusion of an anti-corruption chapter in school and college syllabi, was unanimously passed by all participants through a show of hands. Acting on the recommendation of Arshad Swati, a representative from Daily Aaaj Abbottabad, it was agreed to establish a WhatsApp group comprising participants to actively work towards anti-corruption initiatives in district Abbottabad. The seminar was concluded by Omar Javed, Director of Operations at WAJ, who expressed gratitude to all attendees for their participation and contributions.