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A Dialogue on Living Together for Peace

27 - May - 2024

On May 25, 2024, the Welfare Association Jared (WAJ), in collaboration with Individual Land (IL) and the Center for Peace and Development Initiative (CPDI), hosted a dialogue titled "Living Together for Peace" at the WAJ office in Haripur. This event brought together a diverse group of participants, including men and women from Haripur, media personnel, persons with disabilities (PWDs), members of the transgender community, youth, and representatives of religious minorities. The keynote speaker, Mr. Raza Muhammad, a senior professor and head of the Political Science Department at the Government Postgraduate College Haripur, opened the discussion by exploring the definition of peace across various contexts—social, cultural, political, and economic. He highlighted essential elements such as tolerance, mutual respect, non-violence, and justice as fundamental to achieving peace. Key points from the dialogue included: Addressing Root Causes of Conflict: • The importance of tackling poverty, discrimination, and lack of access to resources. • Understanding ethnic, religious, and political conflicts and ways to mitigate them. Global Challenges: • The impact of global issues like terrorism, migration, and climate change on peaceful coexistence. The dialogue concluded with a shared understanding that a holistic approach to peacebuilding is crucial. By addressing fundamental issues, understanding the roots of conflicts, and tackling global challenges, we can move towards a more peaceful and inclusive society.