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Candidates Debate Forum: District Torghar

02 - June - 2024

On January 21, 2024, WAJ hosted the Candidates Debate Forum in District Torghar. The event saw an engaging turnout with 42 participants, including political leaders, the general public, media workers, and social activists. Among the attendees were 30 men and 12 women. The forum aimed to advance the political party's manifesto to a diverse audience. It provided a valuable platform for voters to hear from the candidates directly, understand their positions on key issues, and assess their suitability for leadership roles. The event commenced with a recitation from the Quran, followed by an introduction by Mr. Akmal. He provided an overview of the FAFEN’s role in the electoral process and the significance of the Candidates Debate Forum as a crucial platform for voter education. Candidates addressed various critical issues, including social justice, racial equity, gender equality, and human rights. They delivered passionate speeches and outlined their plans to tackle systemic injustices. The forum also facilitated an exchange of views on the current political situation among the contesting candidates. Female political workers highlighted the vital role of women in the electoral process, emphasizing the need for greater inclusion of female voters, transgender individuals, and persons with disabilities. Candidates Debate Forum in District Torghar was a significant step towards promoting informed and engaged participation in the electoral process.